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Utilising unified communications software aids customer interaction

skypephoneThe modern call centre has become far more than a simple tool to answer the queries and resolve the issues of customers. Now, agents are expected to converse with people over a wide variety of platforms, provide support in an instant, and generate potential leads. For telephone answering services that want an effective method of supporting such customer interaction, a unified communications (UC) tool is essential.

Traditional call centres often worked relatively separately from the rest of a business in the past. However, the need to boost competitiveness has resulted in firms becoming far more integrated. This allows for a UC tool to be implemented, effectively connecting all parts of a business and easing the flow of information. As a result, the expertise from various departments can be called upon quickly when consumer issues need to be solved. As this is done in real time, consumer engagement can be improved.

Another benefit of UC tools is that they provide customers with a positive and effortless experience. Phoning a call centre is unlikely to be many people’s first port of call, with a lot of individuals going online first. This could lead them to websites, chat channels, or social media, all of which are places where a company might make the first contact. When a UC tool is used, customer interactions can be integrated so that all prior contact is amalgamated for easy access when they call.

Providing a positive experience is vital for companies that want to retain customers. UC tools can make the process of interaction and engagement much easier.

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