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Utilising CLI localisation could boost contact rates

phone beigeFor many call centres, particularly those making outbound calls, it can be difficult to actually connect calls with busy customers. However, opting to change to CLI localisation numbers could change this, with many more people likely to answer a call from a local number than a premium rate or withheld caller. This means that companies could make more contacts with potential consumers, thereby making operations more efficient.

CLI localisation technology allows telephone answering services to present a local number to consumers, adjusting area codes depending on someone’s location. This means that instead of seeing a private, withheld or premium rate number, customers see a more recognisable call. CLI localisation also has a number of other features, including the ability to work with both landlines and mobiles. Advanced returned-call routing options are also available; if individuals call back, they can be routed to an IVR menu, voicemail or the original agent. Meanwhile, repeat call patterns can also be set, allowing businesses to hone their contact methods.

Getting through to consumers can be hard, particularly when call centres are using a private number. The modern customer is extremely busy and often doesn’t want to waste time answering a call when its location is unknown. By swapping to local, recognisable numbers, firms can have higher success rates in connecting with customers, helping them to drive sales and increase consumer services quality.

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