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Utilising a multimodal strategy can boost customer service

Side view of customer service assistantsThe term “multimodal” has been used in call centres for many years. However, in the past, it has meant different things to different people. In the modern era, a multimodal strategy should be one that provides customers with short, targeted snippets of information that come in the form of either a personal interaction or interactive content. A variety of channels and communication modes should be utilised to resolve consumer issues quickly.

One of the best things that telephone answering services can do for customers is to act quickly. Research by Forrester shows that 73 per cent of survey respondents prioritised a company valuing their time. This means that strategies need to be optimised to reduce interaction time to keep consumers happy.

When it comes to content, call centres must curate short and targeted pieces of information that can be quickly absorbed. The use of images, sounds, video and words is vital. YouTube has become a great example of optimised modern content.

Meanwhile, personal interactions are still essential because many people want to interact with a human being. Again, interactions must be short and concise. They must also be varied depending on the platform being used. Content can also be used to improve these engagements, helping agents to share knowledge with customers and resolve problems quickly.

Using a multimodal mindset is crucial at a time when call centres must do everything they can to improve customer services quality and retain clients. With the right interactions and content, brand value can also be boosted.

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