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Utilise virtual consumers to gain performance insights

Three customer support phone operators at officeWith the customer experience being so important for modern businesses, it is vital to avoid any missteps. Call centres that want to provide consistently good service must fully understand the consumer journey and quickly fix any problems. Utilising a virtual customer can help unlock hidden insights and offer attainable ways of boosting performance.

A lot of telephone answering services use performance management tools to understand the customer journey. This can help to ensure that call quality is at an acceptable level and that call routing is working correctly. However, the viewpoint is an internal one. It is here that having a virtual customer can be extremely useful. This virtual system should be able to dial a call centre, progress through IVRs and interact with agents and other solutions like any real customer. As a result, businesses should be able to gain essential insights from the customers’ point of view.

For example, an IVR menu might be working properly, but the menu options may be too numerous or time-consuming. Alternatively, whilst the customer journey might work perfectly from one location, callers from another region might be experiencing difficulties.

The customer has become one of the most important aspects of business in the digital era. Not only is it becoming increasingly easy for consumers to shop elsewhere, but bad press and poor experiences can be quickly shared on social media platforms. Therefore, call centres must do everything possible to optimise performance, and using a virtual customer to check operations can help uncover potential problems.

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