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Utilise Twitter chatbot for consumer services

twitter WebsiteTwitter has been increasingly used by call centres to bolster their multi-channel approach to customer services, and now the platform has introduced two new features to its Direct Messaging (DM) option. The first of these provides people with a Welcome Message, and a Quick Reply option is also available. Both options can be used by telephone answering services to perfect their consumer experience quality.

Twitter has become one of the main social media channels for fast response, with users expecting a swift turnaround from the time they send a message. With the latest two developments, Aspect Software suggests that the company is clearly showing it wants to grow into a go-to customer care outlet.

Aspect Director of Emerging Technologies Tobias Goebel said: “What Twitter has done here is promising for establishing itself as a platform for customer service. It should be noted that they are one of the only messaging vendors stressing the service angle over the marketing or lead generation angle when it comes to the use of their platforms, which is another differentiator that could play out nice for them in the mid to long run.”

Goebel added that Twitter is showing that it wants to increase its use as a customer services tool, with some of the world’s major brands already jumping on these new features.

For call centres across the country, paying attention to customer services and consumer experience quality is crucial. With Twitter demanding a fast response time, using the new chatbot features could ease people into the customer journey.



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