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Utilise top tips to excel at performance management

A business is only as good as its employees, and this is particularly true in call centres, where workers make up the front line. To keep a telephone answering service flowing seamlessly, excellent performance management is crucial. Call centres can ensure they are providing top quality service by following industry tips.

Getting agents to perform to their best ability is an important task for managers. One great way to provide feedback is to listen in on live calls, allowing workers to receive instant reviews of their work. This also applies to customer feedback; keeping agents apprised of what their callers are saying can help boost success. In addition, managers should be wary of letting poor performers go too quickly. In many cases, poor performance is the result of a simple misunderstanding rather than the inability to do the job.

To enthuse workers, a “BRAVO” pin board can be created. This can be used alongside target and league boards to highlight anyone doing an outstanding task in any situation. Commission can be earned from delivering high customer experience and satisfaction, whilst bonuses can be based on quality, productivity and attendance.

Managing performance in a call centre is an ongoing task that needs to adapt as workers evolve. When it is done correctly, the company and its workers can note huge benefits.

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