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Utilise service complaints to boost consumer services

Call centre smilingThe last thing many call centres want to deal with is a service complaint. However, these are almost unavoidable. Regardless of company size, there are likely to be some frustrated and angry customers voicing their troubles from time to time. Although telephone answering services have no way to stop this, firms can take a proactive approach and use complaints constructively.

The first principle to remember is that complaints are nearly impossible to eradicate entirely, so when one occurs, it is important to take advantage of the incident. Complaints should be resolved as quickly as possible, with agents given the responsibility of providing peace offerings such as a week of free service use, for example.

A follow-up call should also be made several days after the resolution to ensure that matters have been solved. By creating a positive experience from a negative one, much of the lost trust can be regained. In some cases, a swift and personal response can even have further effect, with customers sharing the experience with colleagues, friends and family.

When dealing with complaints, it is also essential to use personal and customised responses. A template email should never be sent, and any discount provided as a peace offering should not be made available to other customers via a website at a later date.

Overall, call centres should remember that when a complaint arises, it is how it is dealt with that can have the longest-lasting effect. By learning from the incident, solving the issue quickly and giving a personal touch, customer services can be more successful and efficient than ever.

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