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Utilise performance analytics tools to drive reporting

Retro image of male and female business partners reviewing business statistical graphsModern businesses have a lot of backroom administrative processes to get right these days. While call centre agents are handling the front line of customer services, executives are behind the scenes gathering data to help drive the company forward in a positive direction.

For telephone answering services that are finding reporting increasingly troublesome, investing in a performance analytics solution can be a wise move that helps to draw the right conclusions for large amounts of information.

Call centres have more data at their fingertips than ever before, but if they are not able to use it constructively, it is essentially useless. In many cases, firms might be using information for some simple reporting. However, if data is not all connected it can be hard to gather real insights.

A number of common questions can easily be answered if call centres invest in the right analytics tool. For example, schedule adherence and CAST scores can be compared with FCR and AHT. Perhaps executives want to identify the agents with the best sales scores and replicate their technique. Alternatively, managers might want to plot a balance between service levels and customer satisfaction to discover important influencers. All of these things can be addressed with the use of the right tool, giving call centres increased insights for better decision-making.

For any firm struggling with reporting, taking a step back and investing in a performance analytics solution is the best way to gain forward momentum. By utilising data in a proactive way, modern companies have the best chance for success.

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