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Utilise outbound dialling to increase efficiency

Call CentreMany call centres are focussed on inbound traffic, helping to answer customers’ problems and queries in a fast and efficient manner. However, there will always been times that agents might be idle. Ensuring employees are productive in these low-traffic periods is important, and telephone answering services can boost their efficiency by allocating agents outbound dialling tasks.

When people think of outbound dialling, sales and marketing calls are often the first things that spring to mind. Whilst this can be an important part of business, there are also other reasons for making outbound calls. For example, customers might need a follow-up call to ensure previous help has proved successful. Meanwhile, for call centres using a call-back feature on their interactive voice response menu, there might be numerous people to contact. Call centre staff normally taking inbound calls might be better equipped and prepared to deal with these outbound tasks because they are used to talking with consumers.

Assigning agents to outbound dialling tasks in quiet periods not only increases a call centre’s overall effectiveness, but it can be a welcome break to the workplace monotony that staff members often endure. Modern software makes agent management increasingly simple and responsive, allowing for tasks to be quickly switched and assigned as traffic volumes ebb and flow. By making sure employees are always productive, companies can get the most out of their staff.

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