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Utilise call tracking for better business

Call centres are a vital resource for consumers, providing a means to actually talk to a company and get help with service or product problems; however, research has found that the majority of customers will not wait for telephone answering services indefinitely, and will hang up without leaving a message. This means that using call tracking software is essential, allowing call centre managers to better their business and ensure that they do not miss important custom.

In data gathered by BT, it was revealed that 69% of people will hang up rather than leave a message on a call centre answering machine. If customers are left waiting, they can become frustrated and may move to a competitor; therefore, it is vital that as many calls are answered as possible.

Staffing call centres can be expensive. In addition, companies have to grow or shrink their workforce as seasonal call activity changes. This means that some calls are always likely to be missed, no matter how many agents are waiting on the lines. Call tracking software can be the ideal answer, providing agents with a missed call alert email. This often includes the details of the phone number, allowing workers to call customers back in less busy periods. In addition, call tracking data can be used to calculated busy periods, allowing staff numbers to be increased if necessary so that the number of missed calls is minimised.

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