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Utilise AI to speed up identity verification

Call center operators at workTime is money, and this is particularly true when consumers want to access services and support as quickly as possible. For call centres, this expectation can be difficult to meet. However, modern technology is enabling firms to boost their levels of service. By using artificial intelligence (AI), telephone answering services should be able to significantly increase the speed at which they carry out identity verification.

Interactive Intelligence’s Vice President of Europe, the Middle East and Asia Operations, Richard Brown, suggests that more and more companies will be using AI in the future. In fact, there is already widespread AI use. For example, the next-gen technology can be used to boost the effectiveness of interactive voice response (IVR) interactions. Specifically, adding AI into IVR can offer call centre agents a lot of insight into consumer calls before they have even spoken with the caller.

In the future, AI is very likely to be used as a way to speed up the process of identity verification. Currently, many companies have to use several verification steps to authenticate callers. This can be very time-consuming. Although many people understand the importance of such checks, it adds to overall call length. Utilising AI could speed this process up whilst combating fraud.

Finally, the use of AI can also boost employee morale as agents can enjoy less repetition and increased security and efficiency. Overall, for companies that want to see future success, utilising AI could help boost service quality levels and increase competitiveness.

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