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Utilise a positive mindset to battle angry customers

Smiling worker doing her job with a headset while looking at the cameraDealing with angry customers is part of the working day for many call centre agents. Trying to calm such people down can be extremely challenging, but if handled well, frustrated callers can actually be turned into happy, loyal consumers. To do this successfully, telephone answering services must create a team of agents who have positive mindsets.

There are many generalised approaches to dealing with angry consumers. It is important to allow people to air their complaints, and agents should not interrupt or attempt to solve the issue right away. Listening to a problem and being understanding helps facilitate a positive relationship between agent and caller, making it easier to find an amicable solution.

Having a positive mindset is also extremely important. As soon as an agent realises a customer is angry, it is essential to place themselves in the consumer’s situation. Positive words should be used to replace anything negative, and agents should be encouraged to believe in themselves. By nurturing a workplace culture where agents can recognise angry consumers and then take it upon themselves to provide the best possible service, many negative situations can be turned into positive engagement.

To deal with angry callers, it is essential to have patience and the ability to listen. However, having a positive mindset is equally important because it encourages agents to strive for the best consumer care possible, providing rewarding and fulfilling engagements for both customer and staff. It is these interactions that can make or break branding and increase customer loyalty even when a problem has occurred.


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