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Using Zen Call Taking to deal with angry customers

It is a fact of business that call centres have to deal with angry and frustrated customers on numerous occasions. For operators in telephone answering services, dealing with these calls can be tiring and stressful. However, by following a method known as Zen Call Taking, agents can not only keep themselves calm but also help diffuse a bad situation.

Zen Call Taking was developed based on the principles of Zen and the skills utilised by 999 operators. In terms of customer services for call centres, there are three main principles to abide by: giving up control, trusting in the moment and using the concept of compassion.

In the first instance, it is important for agents to realise they are not in control of the situation when handling angry customers. By trying to control moments, agents will cut in and interrupt callers, causing themselves to become stressed in the process. However, by realising they are not in control and taking the time to listen, a caller can be separated from the complaint, leading to a positive outcome.

Trusting in the moment is also important for these types of calls, and it means that agents need to be focussed on one moment only. It doesn’t matter what happened before or what may occur, but identifying the single point of time and dealing with the matter in hand is vital.

Finally, although it can be hard to find compassion when being yelled at, allowing understanding and care to be guiding emotions can quickly help resolve a problem and provide consumers with a positive experience. Ultimately, this must be the goal of all call centres. For those using the Zen Call Taking method, angry customers can often be more effectively helped.

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