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Using the latest technology can optimise call centres

For call centres to perform well, they have to have strategies in place to ensure that all customer calls are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Speeding up the process can be as simple as removing the need for agents to press multiple buttons, and a new piece of technology allows calls to be answered simply by putting a headset on.

Answering customer calls as quickly as possible is not always the top priority for telephone answering services, especially at a time when the actual care offered to customers is crucial. However, the faster a call is answered, the quicker and more efficiently consumers can be aided. This means that anything facilitating operations in call centres can be very beneficial.

The latest headsets by Plantronics incorporate Smart Sensor technology, which allows for headsets to automatically answer calls as soon as they’re put on. With no buttons needing to be pressed, the Blackwire 500 Series headsets use Smart Sensor technology to recognise when they’re placed on an agent’s head, allowing for calls to be picked up immediately.

Talking of the new equipment, Plantronics Senior Vice President and Managing Director in Europe and Africa, Philip Vanhoutte, said: “Today’s office walls are being torn down, paving the way for mobile working and open office floor plans. IT departments need solutions for this new way of work and an intelligent endpoint to complete the UC system roll out.”

For centres wanting to speed up call answering processes so that they can concentrate on consumer service, the latest headsets could be ideal.

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