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Using smartphones for call centre customer services

At one time, call centres were notorious for using groundbreaking technology to stay ahead of the competition. Now, many telephone answering services are in danger of falling behind their consumers in terms of the technology they use. This is why utilising smartphones for call centre practices is vital, enabling all manner of modern features to be accessed.

In a recent report, it was discovered that 70 per cent of people in the UK have a smartphone, with over half of those aged between 54 and 65 having such a device. This indicates that ownership isn’t only for the younger generation. However, despite these figures, just 20 per cent of companies have a service app for their customers.

Neil Titcomb, a call centre expert, revealed that customer service has to start bridging the gap between consumer and agent, and to do this, mobile applications can be a powerful tool. For example, when customers contact companies from within an app, agents can gain access to a full overview of their consumer’s profile. This can speed the query and resolve problems quickly whilst making it easier for call centres to manage calls.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, and customer service with mobile apps has to be seamless if it is to work properly. However, for those who actively harness the power of smartphones, great benefits can be found.

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