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Using food as a call centre agent motivator

A business is only as good as the people it employs, and this is certainly the case when it comes to call centres. Telephone answering services agents are the frontline of customer services, and it is vital that they are energised and ready to spread a positive vibe. Although the concept might sound simple, food can be an extremely good motivator.

Everyone loves to feel special and be rewarded, and in the call centre, providing food and snacks is a great way to accomplish this. Extremely busy periods can bog people down and it’s easy for agents to get frustrated. During these times, managers can hold a surprise free lunch or order pizza for employees to enjoy, boosting performance and showing appreciation for people’s hard work. Another great tip when holding weekly performance updates is to pass out chocolate and let employees nibble as the stats from the past few days are revealed. If the IT systems go down or another problem threatens to throw a call centre off course, ordering in a hot sausage roll or something similar for everyone is a welcome treat.

A tip used by many call centres is to rename a day of the week to celebrate a particular food. For example, some firms have “Fruity Fridays” where healthy goodies are handed out throughout the day. Midweek can be a time for donuts or pastries at lunch, whilst starting Mondays off with free flowing hot chocolate, tea and coffee can help banish those post-weekend blues.

For call centres that want to motivate their staff, food can really make a difference. Although it shouldn’t be used to overindulge agents, a few treats here and there can provide great performance enhancements.

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