GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Using caller line identity to ensure high-quality service

Customer care continues to be a top priority for call centres, and with consumers demanding more, it is important that telephone answering services do their best to meet people’s requests.  For centres wanting to ensure that high-quality clients are guaranteed the best care, caller line identity (CLI) routing can be advisable.

In the CLI routing experience, calls are carefully differentiated by the actual telephone number being used.  In theory, it allows a system to pick up particularly high profile numbers whilst sidelining others, such as unrecognised call identities, to a more generalised call centre queue.  This can be extremely useful for services that have a number of high-quality clients who always utilise a single number for contact.  A CLI system will recognise particularly important numbers that have been programmed into it and push them up the queue, allowing agents to talk to specific callers far more quickly.

The advantages of this system are clear, with call centres having complete control over who receives the quickest and best customer care.  However, CLI technology can be expensive and there is a need for time to be spent setting up and maintaining a database.  In addition, if a high-priority client rings using a different phone number, they may not be recognised.

It is important for all companies to take customer care extremely seriously.  Therefore, for those who need to ensure top priority is given to high-quality clients, CLI routing can be very useful.

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