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Using call centres nearer to home

Call centres are popping up in a variety of areas including Guatemala. In 2004, an enterprising man decided to start a call centre in Guatemala even though the country only has 14 million people. There were worries that the centre would not be able to compete with India or the Philippines, but still the gentleman took on the challenge.

This is only one story of success for different call centres all over the world. The UK has also found some success with telephone answering services. There are some options available in the UK, which means that a business can get call centres that are closer to home. If a company fears the idea of outsourcing outside of their country, then there is every possibility that using a call centre in the UK will be the right choice.

The costs in-country are no longer as painful as when call centres were first being set up in India and other such places. It is true that labour costs in India, the Philippines and China are still lower, but it is also true that these centres are becoming more regulated regarding data sharing. It is now possible for in-country UK call centres to offer less expensive services based on data location.

Any company looking for outsourcing should weigh up all of the options. There are plenty of benefits to be found by using India, China, South Africa and the Philippines, but there are also UK-based call centres that can offer some top benefits.

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