GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Using a virtual receptionist

It is possible to obtain the services of a PA virtual receptionist by simply signing up online.  A company may need a virtual receptionist to operate a telephone answering service when the office is closed and this can work by allocating a DDI number to each individual company that uses the call centre.  When a call arrives for that number the name of the company is displayed on the console and the virtual receptionist is able to access the information that has been provided, so that the phone can be answered in the correct manner and clients can be given the correct information.

Once the call centre has the information it needs it can begin taking the calls immediately.  The service can be 24/7 or just when calls need to be covered, so calls just need to be diverted.  A telephone answering service such as this can simply be used to take messages if needed or it can be used for screening calls, which are then transferred on to the company.  The virtual receptionist is then able to filter out unwanted sales calls or help to deal with minor questions in order to save time.

Messages can be passed on instantly using SMS or email, although there are other options available if these methods are not convenient.  This means that messages can be collected at a convenient time and it is easier to get work done without the constant interruption of the telephone ringing.  It also reduces the risk of losing potential customers, who may not call back if they are not able to speak to a real person.

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