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Using a virtual PA

Not everybody has heard of the virtual PA but it is an option that is being increasingly enjoyed by many businesses.  It is particularly popular with smaller firms that do not have the resources of larger companies.  When using a virtual PA the advantages include only paying for the hours that they work and as they are generally self-employed there is no requirement for NI or PAYE, thus removing the need for additional paperwork.

A virtual PA will use their own office space and equipment and all administration can be passed on to them as they can deal with paperwork, offer a telephone answering service and deal with some aspects of marketing.  The services of a virtual PA can be tailored to suit the company in question – if a telephone answering service is more important than data entry then this can be specified at the time of hiring.  It is also often the case that the hours worked are much more flexible than they are with employed office staff.

Call centre services can be considered if it is expected that the number of calls is going to be large and continuous.  For a business that is just starting out and is slowly building a customer base, the virtual PA has many advantages.  Larger businesses that are looking to expand quickly will obviously need more than one person to answer the telephone and a team of people can be easily provided by call centres that guarantee a good standard of customer service and peace of mind.

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