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Using a virtual PA offers increased business flexibility

The internet has allowed many new opportunities for businesses to take advantage of, and one area that is increasingly seeing interest is the virtual PA sector.  Having a personal assistant (PA) can provide executives with far more time and flexibility than before, with many tasks being delegated to their assistant.  In the digital age, utilising an affordable virtual PA can be the ideal answer for a business that is struggling to keep up with every day tasks.

A virtual PA can also provide that personal touch to callers – an alternative to using telephone answering services, where customers may receive scripted responses from any number of different call centre employees.

Of course, there are limitations to virtual PAs; they cannot nip out and grab coffee, and they are unable to take that all-important parcel to the post office.  However, they can undertake many of tasks that would normally tie an executive to their desk.  For example, direct letters can be printed off at the PA’s end and sent out to customers, with the PA making follow up calls a few days later.  Research, data management and appointment keeping can all be done virtually, with internet tools allowing for PAs and executives to log into the same documents.  Newsletters, blog content, the daily running of a website and invoice creation can also all be done virtually.

In addition to having virtual PAs carry out all these tasks, overhead costs are also greatly reduced.  There is no need to provide virtual PAs with desk space.  They do not need a pension or a salary as they are normally hired on a contractual basis with a set hourly rate.  So, for executives who want to get ahead, using a virtual PA can free up time whilst being a very affordable option.

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