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Useful steps to create an environmentally friendly call centre

All businesses are under pressure to become greener, and there are several things that call centres can do to ensure they are embracing environmental practices.  Many customers are increasingly looking for the companies they use to be taking action to protect the planet, and with some easy steps, telephone answering services can adapt their processes.

Firstly, instead of providing rubbish bins, call centres can offer recycling bins that will automatically fuel change within employees.  The printing of documents should be kept to a minimum and only used for vital reports, whilst scrap paper can be used for making notes.  A great alternative to this is to provide all call centre agents with a personal whiteboard that they can make notes on.  Meanwhile, a great technology to utilise is software that sends text messages to customers, removing the need to print out and post letters.

There are a variety of measures companies can take in staff kitchens, including buying a dishwasher and providing permanent plates and utensils for staff to use.  Paper towels can be replaced with cloth ones, whilst green-fingered agents can be offered old coffee granules and tea-bags for their compost heaps.  If vending machines are used, bottled water can be removed and staff offered water coolers instead.

There are many ways that telephone answering services can become greener and by just implementing some of these steps, money can be saved and a better image projected.

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