GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Useful information for clients

Those who need the help of a telephone answering service will need to understand how the service works, and any client that is new to this type of outsourcing may have a few questions that need answering.

First of all, it is not necessary for the client to have their own office.  The call centre can be their virtual office.  Their customers need never know that there is no physical office as the service is seamless – there will be no indication that their calls have been diverted to a call centre.  This way the calls can be taken by a virtual receptionist or a customer service team.

Setting up this type of service is easy as the client is given a telephone number that is unique.  This can then be given out to customers to call directly or the existing phone number can have its calls diverted to the telephone answering service.  There is also no requirement for this diversion to be switched on all the time.  It may be that the client only wants to outsource out of hours or at weekends.  It is the client’s choice exactly how and when the calls are diverted.

Messages are passed back to the client in a format that is suitable for them.  This can be done either by email or text message.  Alternatively it can be done in real time or in the form of a summary report delivered on a daily basis.

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