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Use GROW coaching for better call centre staff

Modern call cenCall Centre Monitoringtres are focused on their customers, and it is essential that frontline agents are well trained and motivated to provide the best service. The telephone answering services industry is notorious for poor employee retention rates. However, by investing in people and using GROW coaching, agents can be trained and supported throughout their call centre career.

GROW coaching is broken into four parts: Goal, Reality, Options and Will. The framework is ideal for companies that want to provide effective training tools to their staff members. The first step, Goal, is to identify the goals of specific coaching sessions and pair them with the personal goals of agents involved. By understanding these ambitions, companies can then use Reality to determine which hurdles might be in the way of achieving their goals.

Once a true understanding of the goal framework has been gained, managers and agents can discuss their Options as part of an open discussion. At this point, it’s not up to managers to determine how goals can be met; instead, it’s time for the trainees to highlight potential solutions to help them reach their ambitions. Finally, as part of the Will stage, employees should select the most appropriate option, talk through its viability with team leaders, and then implement it.

One of the reasons that GROW works so well is that it gives the trainee the power to take charge instead of simply telling staff members what to do. This means that agents are motivated to follow the plan and removes the possibility of blaming call centres for using the wrong method of education.

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