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Use gamification to improve call centre performance

Gamification might sound as if it is simply entertainment, but using game mechanics in the call centre environment can be a great way to improve motivation and commitment.  Used wisely, telephone answering services can improve their business efficiency, excel at customer service and ensure that agents are knowledgeable and committed to their jobs.  But, what does gamification involve?

Skilled agents are vital to call centres, especially when dealing with more complex scenarios than normal.  Training agents involves having to take people away from their desks, but gamification offers an alternative.  Via this method, agents are offered the chance to attain a “Guru” badge.  Workers must review product information, score 80% or higher in a quiz and then earn top quality customer service scores on at least five consecutive calls.  Guru badges can be applied to a worker’s profile pages for everyone to see.

Competitions can also be used as part of the gamification process, and provide a way to encourage people to work at their best level.  An “Average Handle Time” crown can be competed for on a weekly basis, or a leader board of best customer feedback scores can be developed.  Finally, collaboration can also be a huge driver of motivation, and top agents can be asked to develop new process literature to aid their colleagues.

Creating a sense of gamification in the call centre can hugely drive customer care quality.  Therefore, by also instilling a sense of achievement, agents can become motivated and committed to doing the best job possible.

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