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Use DISC profiling to optimise agent advancement

Call centerThere has never been a more important time to keep employees happy, with the very success of customer services quality often hinging upon how motivated and fulfilled its front-line call centre agents feel. Using the DISC system to evaluate people’s behaviour, therefore, can help support both individuals and teams to excel.

DISC is a behavioural model that was created to better understand an individual’s communication and relationships. It is adapted from work by Harvard researcher Dr Marston, who also developed an early version of the lie detector and created Wonder Woman. Telephone answering services agents can take a short test of 24 multiple-choice questions, after which a report is created from an analysis of the answers. The system measures people’s behaviours in four categories; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Each of these, in turn, analyses how someone reacts to different situations.

Within a company, the DISC test can be used to guide professional development, career progression and even recruitment. Even though it does not reveal a person’s background, experience or intelligence, it can be used to reduce stress levels and have a positive impact on attrition. In team settings, it can create a common language to conduct conversations without conflict whilst leading toward better communication and self-awareness.

Research has shown that the better people know themselves, the more likely they are to succeed both at work and at home. By using DISC, therefore, call centres can nurture their agents and help employees become better at their jobs.

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