GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Use data to warm up cold calls

Inbound traffic contributes the most activity to some call centres, but there are always times when cold calls need to be made. This might entail contacting regular client lists, making a follow-up call or upselling. Regardless of the scenario, it is vital for telephone answering services to make the right impression on cold calls. These conversations can be helped along by using some data.

Cold calling does not always come with the most positive connotations. In fact, many people might wince at hearing the phrase. However, the situation has changed a lot over the past decade. Although many people still do not want unsolicited calls to interrupt their lives, the approach agents take has changed. Today’s sales teams are equipped with large amounts of data and information on the consumer. Now, instead of wasting people’s time, it is about trying to offer real value.

To refine cold calling practice, telephone answering services can harness the power of data. Before a call is even placed, agents can know who they are calling and gain strong insights into a consumer’s possible wants and needs. In many cases, this attention to detail can grab a consumer’s attention and instantly indicates the proper research has been done. This can help to continue the conversation longer than the traditional approach ever could have, possibly generating a new lead.

Cold calls are no longer something to be shunned. Instead, they can be an opportunity to offer customers real value. By being armed with the right data, agents can help people rather than waste their time.

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