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Use core brand values to boost call centre empathy

young african american businesswoman working on computerHaving empathy with callers to telephone answering services is crucial if agents want to excel in customer services. However, this can be difficult to instil in people who are not naturally empathetic. For call centres that want to align agents with the right way of thinking, focussing on core brands can provide the perfect foundation.

Most businesses have a set of core brand values. These aren’t necessarily discussed every day or even written out and posted somewhere, but they are kept in mind whenever executives develop training and education. Empathy, in particular, is something to look out for during the interview process. By considering a firm’s core brand values and applying them to every aspect of the business, a caring and compassionate culture can be developed.

The best way to boost empathy in the call centre is to carefully think about treating colleagues and customers fairly and taking the time to reward this behaviour when it occurs. Likewise, when mistakes are made, it’s vital to share incidents with call centre staff so everyone can learn from it. Working on a one-to-one basis is also often required when training agents to express their empathy as some employees will find it comes more naturally than others.

With customer services so important in the modern day, being able to empathise with callers is essential if the customer experience is to remain positive. In many cases, a bad experience can be turned around simply by understanding and listening to customers.

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