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Upselling doesn’t have to be upsetting

Telephone ServiceThe process of upselling can be a complicated one. Although call centres might want to try to make more money from their current customer list, pushing unwanted products on people can actually cause individuals to bring their business to the competition. However, by using the right techniques, telephone answering services can actually use upselling to make customers feel special.

The idea of upselling isn’t new; most people are already aware of it. For example, consumers shopping at Amazon will have similar products promoted to them on the site as well as via email. Amazon says this has led to a 35 per cent increase in revenues, showing that cross-selling and upselling really do work.

One of the key priorities for upselling within a call centre is to make people feel special. Identifying which services and products should be advertised can be accomplished by looking into previous consumers’ subsequent purchases. Even if there is little affinity between products, offering such items to customers can make them feel special.

It is vital for call centres to do all they can to understand a customer’s situation before the upselling process begins. They need to consider the customer’s value, how long the person has been a customer, and how loyal the customer is to the brand. Those who have a strong relationship with companies are most likely to respond well to upselling.

Upselling is a complex topic that requires a lot of time and effort. However, for those getting it right, revenues can be boosted along with customer satisfaction.

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