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Understanding why consumers call is essential

Hands of a young girlModern companies have to deal with a lot of metrics when it comes to their call centre operations. The data collected includes what people called about, how it was fixed, what a brand did and what a customer did. However, it is rare for a firm to collate information regarding why people had to call in the first place. For telephone answering services, understanding this could help overhaul the entire customer experience.

Remaining focussed on the customer is vital, so it is important to collect as much consumer data as possible. However, it must be collated in the right way and the correct questions must be asked. For example, classifying data using broad labels such as “refunds” or “billing” gives a company very little insight. Instead, using customer words such as “my billing estimate is wrong” or “I don’t understand my bill” provides far more valuable information to work with.

Collecting the right data depends on asking the right questions. After all, a call centre’s speech analytics can only assess the words customers actually said. This means that in order to understand why people are phoning, agents must be directed to ask relevant questions. This change also means that senior and middle management will begin speaking the same language as customers and agents, helping them to better understand call centre operations.

Knowing why people called can help optimise the customer experience, not only by offering quick solutions but by making it easier for consumers to help themselves. This saves time and can boost brand awareness.

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