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Understanding Generation Y crucial in recruitment

Telephone Answering ServicesThe call centre industry has become notorious for its poor staff retention rates. Although this might have been much more of a problem in the past, the belief still plagues the sector today. Now, with Generation Y expecting a different set of employment standards than those a decade ago, telephone answering services must change their approach when recruiting this age group.

Generation Y are those born between 1980 and 2000. This age group has become an important customer base for many companies, but they are also the prime pool of prospective employees. Therefore, it is important to ensure that job roles are meeting their expectations; otherwise, firms could see rising attrition rates as agents flock elsewhere.

One of the major changes in staff expectations is that experience and flexibility have become more important than money. Even though a high salary is still sought after, Generation Y employees often want experiences rather than financial rewards. Community and collaborative hubs are also important, and agents often want a better work/life balance. Providing mobile apps for employees to book their holidays and choose shifts, for example, can help meet the demands of many staff members.

Meanwhile, Generation Y also demands regular feedback. When questioned, 80 per cent of individuals said that having regular meetings with their manager was important, whilst three quarters revealed they wanted dedicated mentors to help them progress their careers.

The changing attitudes of recruits shows that call centres need to amend their culture when it comes to dealing with Generation Y if they want to hang on to their employees.

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