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Understanding customer journeys in three steps

Understanding the customer journey has become vital for call centres, with firms that are successful in this endeavour managing to improve the quality of their consumer care. To assess and understand the journey, there are three major steps to take. 

Business diagnostics

The first step is to make the most of business diagnostics, using expert analysis to “walk the process” from end to end. A full analysis of existing data can also be conducted to understand a consumer’s experience. This helps to identify problem areas such as bottlenecks.

Mystery shopping

One traditional technique is the mystery shopper, and it is still as useful today as it ever was. Using consumers and experts outside of the business, a similar end-to-end process is undertaken without the possible biased view that internal experts might have. Mystery shoppers then report back, allowing telephone answering services to discover potentially problematic areas.

Voice of the Customer

Using Voice of the Customer (VoC) can be extremely helpful, especially in supporting findings from the previous two methods. Call centres can gather data using a variety of steps, including focus groups and surveys. This information is filtered to find the most relevant consumer expectations, and brands can then substantiate their current success using metrics and C-SAT scores, for example.

Perfecting the customer journey is a challenge, and the process should constantly evolve to provide consumers with what they want and expect. However, by following the suggestions above, call centres can put themselves in a position to gain the upper hand and provide optimised services.

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