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UK Supports India for Outsourcing

Stephen Timms, the British minister for energy and e-commerce, has stated Indian firms help boost competitive natures in Britain. The outsourcing firms in India may not want to compete with UK outsourcing firms, but that is exactly what is happening.

The competition between India and Britain for the outsourcing industry is definitely good news for business owners needing call centre outsourcing. In a competitive market costs have to drive the industry. Companies that need to save money can compare the different outsourcing companies to determine which one is most cost effective based on the requirements they have. Consider telephone answering services as the outsourced portion of a company. What country – the UK or India – will offer better services?

• UK provides English speaking customer service representatives for local UK consumers.
• There are 24-hour call centres when outsourcing in the UK.
• India provides 24-hour call centres.
• They have English speakers with Indian accents.

The main difference between call centres is often the language barrier. For some consumers it can be difficult to understand a heavy accent on the phone. It is a minor drawback to facilities outsourced out of the UK, however. Comparatively, it is the price and technology that truly makes a difference between the call centres.

Which call centre can offer the best technology for secure customer service help? Is the price affordable? These are questions your business has to answer and for the moment many believe that India still has a competitive edge on pricing. As, Stephen Timms has indicated, the UK government still supports Indian facilities.

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