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UK Outsourcing Over India or China

A new law in India has been passed, setting new parameters for outsourcing. This could also affect China.
India passed a new law on 13th April 2011. The law is an amendment to the Information Technology Act 2008. The regulations will eliminate the effective collection and utilisation of personal data from customers. It will affect call centres, support centres and sales centres by making it impossible for them to transmit or keep personal data about callers. Companies in the UK with outsourcing to India would not be able to obtain the information given to the telephone answering services in India. The new law could make the concept of outsourcing useless to the EU and US, as under the law digital transmission of the data would not be allowed.
In order for any information given by consumers to be transmitted to the actual company the data was meant for, the consumer would have to provide written consent via email, letter or fax. The customer can opt out of the option at any time to ensure the data is not sent to another party. China has yet to approve a similar regulation, but there are discussions about it. The rule has stated that data obtained cannot be exported from the country unless a law or government authority has specifically allowed it. China is considering the option given some bad press of late about unsecured IT and online espionage. For consumers in the UK, they may feel more secure with companies having to choose UK outsourcing options over India or China.

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