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UK insurers winning at consumer experience

Online customer serviceNew data has shown that insurance companies in the UK are providing better customer experiences than those based in the United States. Despite the modern world demanding digital channel use, a lot of American firms are failing at consistent, accurate and quick replies to queries, leaving many customers frustrated.

For all call centres, it is vital to provide consumers access to quick communication tools, particularly at a time when customers are demanding more than ever. With this in mind, Eptica, a software expert focussed on multichannel customer engagement tools, compared experiences in the UK with those in the US.

Firms in Britain answered 54 per cent of questions via digital platforms. UK insurers also responded to 45 per cent of questions on the web and 80 per cent of those asked through email. In comparison, just 28 per cent of digital enquiries were answered across all platforms by US insurers.

Eptica Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Olivier Njamfa said that the insurance industry has seen the digital era disrupting traditional forms of communicating and conducting business.

“To succeed in this new world insurers need to prioritise the digital customer experience, yet the Eptica study shows that they are struggling to adapt and move away from analogue channels. Digital doesn’t just benefit consumers, but also drives greater efficiency and enables innovation – it is therefore time for insurers to learn from their peers in other industries and apply best practice to their operations to meet changing customer needs,” he said.

For telephone answering services around the world, the study shows the importance of keeping up with modern trends and being able to rise to meet consumer expectations.

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