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UK Government Outsourced 1100 Jobs

Private sectors in the UK gained jobs from government.

An announcement was made that 1,100 jobs were provided to the UK through the government outsourcing jobs. A variety of sectors were able to gain more funds in 2011 because of the outsourced jobs. One of the biggest changes to government jobs were call centres. Call centres were outsourced for things such as the police force, meaning that trained call experts were on hand to field the calls and dispatch police and emergency services to those in need.

Telephone answering services were not the only sectors to benefit. Rubbish collection was another popular outsourcing sector. Councils looked to different companies for waste management over the council-led companies. Unions are slightly concerned about some of the outsourcing, but for the majority of UK residents it has been a positive move.

Call centres are generally what we think of when it comes to outsourcing, but they are not the only options. For those in need of call centre services there are plenty of options right in the UK. Companies do not have to look to India or another Asian country for help. They can use UK employees and still save with call centres based locally. These centres offer trained professionals such as those being used through government outsourcing. If you want your business to grow you might want to consider inshore outsourcing to call centres. Consumers appreciate companies that keep jobs in-country, but that also keep prices down as it means they can afford the products or services.

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