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UK experiences dramatic rise in phone scams

Hand with receiverThe latest data shows that phone scams are on the rise in the UK, making it essential for call centres to focus on building consumer trust and ensuring their clients remain vigilant. Caller ID and call-blocking firm Hiya revealed that 13 per cent of calls in Britain are deemed a nuisance, which is higher than any other European country. Spain came in second place with 11 per cent, while Sweden took third with 8 per cent.

For telephone answering services, the report may be nothing new, but it cements the need to educate consumers about safety and ensure that people do not fall for hoaxes. Hiya reported a 76 per cent rise in calls regarding compensation offers in the past three months alone. In an analysis of more than 100 million UK-based numbers, it was found that accident scams are the most reported automated and unsolicited type of call. Meanwhile, PPI calls are also increasing in volume, rising by 24 per cent over the past two months. This is followed by false Lotto win calls, which have risen by 69 per cent.

Hiya Chief Executive Alex Algard said: “These calls are designed to use the lure of free money to entice victims to hand over information that could be used to defraud them. The calls are getting more sophisticated, using technology to mimic a local trusted number and mask their true identity.”

As the volume of nuisance calls increases, call centres must be on the lookout for bad behaviour whilst letting their own consumers know about the risks involved.



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