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UK consumers enjoy increase in experience quality

Customer service surveyNew data shows that the quality of customer experiences in the UK has improved. KPMG Nunwood said it was the first time the trend had been seen in three years, with 10,000 consumers revealing that the service they received from call centres and brands overall had reached its highest score since records began.

In a bid to discover where service quality was rising, KPMG questioned thousands of customers in the UK. The overall Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) score was found to be 7.33 – the highest score ever recorded. The grocery retail sector attained the top score of 7.58, with non-grocery retail coming in a close second with 7.50. In 10th place was the public sector with 6.58. Meanwhile, many brands in the hotel and travel sector saw large improvements. For example, American Airlines climbed 156 places to reach 70th position.

KPMG Nunwood Director David Conway said: “Customer experience success is always a work in progress and there is scarcely a company in the world that is not concerned about the quality of customer experience they deliver. For the grocery sector, the ongoing price war has resulted in customer service being the new differentiator. Memorable customer experience is vital in order to achieve brand advocacy and loyalty.” He added that customer loyalty can hinge on providing an optimised service.

For many telephone answering services, the latest data shows that attempts to boost customer experience quality are working. This can be essential in winning consumer loyalty and retaining sales in a world that is ever more competitive.

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