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UK call centres come out on top

Virgin Holidays have followed in the footsteps of an increasing amount of companies, choosing to direct trade calls back to their UK call centres. Until recently trade calls were picked up by an Indian call centre; a controversial decision at the time. However after a seemingly successful few years they are now moving call handling operations back to the UK.

Virgin believe that people are still set to travel this year with the end of the Olympics prompting a last minute holiday rush. By redirecting the calls to the UK call centres Virgin are confident response times will be reduced and customer service levels will be increased. This says a lot about how our industry in the UK is perceived by large companies.

In the UK we have a growing reputation for delivering a particularly high level of customer service within our call centre services industry, which is fantastic news. More and more companies are moving call centres back to the UK, cementing our reputation even further. Virgin are the most recent in a string of relocation’s; who’ll be next?

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