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UK Businesses Spend Too Much on Minor Back Office Functions

A new study shows companies waste billions on back office procedures.

According to the study back office employees such as secretaries spend 60% of their days typing. The average salaries in the UK for a secretary are about 10,800 pounds per secretary, which is 194 million pounds per year. The research also shows that 62% of businesses have decided to outsource their administrative tasks in 2012. These companies have decided to do so in order to save money. Roughly 68% of owners stated they want to reduce their admin costs, in order to leave secretaries available for more important functions such as managerial and professional support.

In order to make these changes they have to outsource the typing requirements to a call centre/contact location with the appropriate technology. In doing this, secretaries can focus on the more important tasks and the company can save money. It also means offsetting costs by ensuring other employees at a call centre are dealing with the mundane tasks. The main facility can then focus on growth.

Telephone answering services, as a part of the outsourced secretarial services, is another way to help a business succeed. By allowing the outsourcing centre to handle calls and paperwork, the main business can focus on growth. It is also possible to keep customers happy since they are speaking with an individual rather than a machine prompting them for information before obtaining a live individual. Customers prefer to be attended to by a live person.

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