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Two ways to ensure customers welcome calls

female helpline operator with laptopNuisance call levels are on the rise. Even though the majority of call centres are doing their best to avoid these, rogue traders continue to break the law. In addition, with consumers finding it easier to access complaints procedures, the industry is receiving more negative press than ever. For companies that want to ensure people welcome their calls, there are two top tips to follow: display calling numbers, and ensure every contact has some form of value.

One of the most important things for telephone answering services to remember is that the law states that callers need to be notified who is calling, and the number must be displayed. If asked, firms also need to provide a Freephone number or contact address. To ensure compliance, call centres should ask the provider of their telephone systems to update and make any necessary changes.

When contacting customers, it is vital that companies have planned the purpose of the call and its value to the consumer. Firms should not contact people sporadically without a clear goal. Instead, campaigns need to focus on a key message. This needs to be relayed to agents, too, so they know exactly why they are calling people. In addition, upon initial engagement, call centre workers need to ask consumers if it is a suitable time of day to speak and make alternative plans if necessary.

Tackling nuisance calls must be a high priority for firms, not only to safeguard their own reputation, but to build a better relationship with the general public.

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