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Two ways call centre agents can ease angry customers’ frustrations

FrustrationDealing with angry customers is part of the job for call centre agents. If people are treated the wrong way, problems can escalate quickly. This means it is essential that telephone answering services staff members are given the training and skillsets to ease customer concerns and turn a negative experience around.

The first thing agents must do when dealing with an angry customer is to assure the individual that they will deal with the issue personally. In order for this to work, call centres must give frontline agents as much responsibility as possible. Agents should provide their name to callers, and if the problem can’t be completed immediately, it’s important to tell customers that the issue will be chased and they’ll be given an update by the end of the day. Even more importantly, updates must be given even if problems are yet to be fully resolved.

The second step to help alleviate customer frustrations is to set realistic expectations. It’s pointless to tell consumers they’ll have an answer within 60 minutes if it’s more likely to take several hours to resolve the issue. This only serves to infuriate people further. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than the other way around.

Having angry customers is part of business; there’s never a way to keep everyone happy. However, by dealing with people in the right way, negative experiences can often be turned into positive ones.

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