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Two tips for boosting call centre sales

salesAlthough many telephone answering services deal mostly with inbound traffic, the majority of call centres will conduct sales calls at some point. This can be carried out using a variety of methods, whether it means upselling on customer calls or making cold calls. In order to boost performance and sales potential, there are two great tips to utilise.

The first thing call centres can do is analyse an agent’s sales potential. This has nothing to do with how good an agent is; it focuses on how many customers can actually be contacted. In a benchmarking exercise from one company of 100 customers, agents only had the chance to upsell to 50 per cent of callers. 20 consumers weren’t able to get through, whilst 12 per cent had to wait for unacceptable times before they were connected. Finally, 18 per cent didn’t have their query resolved. This means that sales potential has dropped significantly before people even talk to agents.

The second way to boost sales performance is to sort a customer base into segments. Consumers shouldn’t all be treated the same way; instead, they should be treated according to their needs. Three things to be asked are whether someone is an existing customer, if they are ordering a product or service, or if a consumer had the intention to buy anything. By using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, agents can tailor their question to the person they are talking to, thus boosting the potential for sales.

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