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Two essential KPI considerations

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are an essential part of any call centre business, helping executives track progress and identify areas that need improvement. However, even though KPIs are important tools, it is essential to understand the broader picture if telephone answering services want to get the most out of them.

First, it must be understood that no individual KPI will provide a call centre with a 100 per cent performance rate. In fact, there is unlikely to be a group of metrics that can provide this certainty. Therefore, it is best to have a broader picture in mind and work with foundations that focus on customer outcomes, immediacy and collaboration. Analysing KPIs in detail will quickly reveal which ones are the most important, allowing weaker metrics to be eliminated.

The second consideration call centre executives must understand is that KPIs can be used to monitor experiences on channels and platforms. The digital era has brought up many new challenges for companies to face. These include checkout abandonment and digital failure, to name just two. A lot of firms want to go digital and might create an app, for example. However, issues with software could result in increased phone calls; this is something that KPIs must measure to identify problems.

Utilising KPIs is a crucial undertaking in which business must participate. However, finding success is more than applying metrics; it is about understanding how and when they should be used and analysing them in a broader context.

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