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Twitter roll out universal DMs for company benefits

Twitter continues to be an increasingly popular social media platform, with many call centres adding the network to their multichannel developments.  Under the current system, users can only send a Direct Message (DM) to those who mutually follow each other.  However, with the new changes, Twitter is expected to open DM’ing to anyone, regardless of who they follow.

The impact of this for telephone answering services could be great.  Until now, sharing private information has been difficult as it required users to follow each other if they wanted to keep their tweets out of the public eye.  This often leads to frustrations from both parties if one or the other forgets to follow, resulting in the all-to-common: “I would give you my account details via DM but you have to follow me for me to DM you!” tweet.

Carolyn Blunt, a customer services expert, explained that with the ability to DM made far easier, call centres will have the opportunity to quickly and effectively answer customer problems without having to put the information into their main Twitter feed.

Choice is a great thing, but it needs to be remembered that not all consumers like to receive DMs and prefer to tweet in the open.  In some cases, frustrated users might even disallow unsolicited DMs or repost content into their stream.  Using Twitter correctly is an ongoing process for many call centres.  However, with the new option, it is hoped that achieving good customer service will become simpler than ever.

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