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Twitter remains an emerging market

twitter logo tweet twitterificOver the past few years, call centres have had to diversify their communication channels, with a lot of firms turning to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. However, new data has shown that just 11.5 per cent of total customer contact will come from Twitter in 2015. This is surprising because on average, people engaging on social media spend 20 per cent to 40 per cent more with companies. This means that telephone answering services need to focus more on Twitter.

Bian Salins, Capgemini Consulting’s head of social, said: “As consumers adopted social into their lifestyles using mainstream platforms like Twitter and Facebook, there seemed to be a justified increase in the number of contacts over social and a considered effort by brands to integrate social into the omni-channel mix. Fast-forward five or six years and reality seems to have set in for both brands and consumers.”

Ms Salins added that many call centres don’t have a proper understanding of how to scale social media and blend it with the proper metrics. Because of this, buy-in and general employee empowerment on social media has begun to deflate, resulting in insufficient investment to keep the system working.

An important point to remember is that Twitter is far from fading in the public eye, meaning that potential customers and existing clients can still be found on the platform. Therefore, call centres need to really focus on working this channel properly if it’s to become an efficient means of pushing branding and performance.

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