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Truthfulness fosters truth for call centre managers

In the workplace, it is imperative that managers are trusted. Without this vital recognition from workers, it can be hard to build a team and strive for any amount of success. In the call centre, team leaders and managers need to always tell the truth if they wish to foster trust, even though this can be more difficult that it might first seem.

In theory, it seems easy to always tell the truth. In practice, however, it can be hard to be completely honest, particularly in sensitive situations. For example, perhaps a member of the telephone answering services team is putting in their best but simply not getting the desired results. When feedback is called for, managers might not want to hurt feelings and say all is well. There are several reasons this approach is problematic.

First, the call centre agent in question is unlikely to improve their performance and will lose job satisfaction and motivation as a result. They are also likely to recognise they are not performing as well as their colleagues and lose faith in managers. Finally, the trust of other team members can also be lost.

In this scenario, managers should look to thank workers for their feedback request, take them to a quiet area, and talk through the performance issues, outlining steps that can be taken to improve. This might seem uncomfortable, but it demonstrates trust and can help boost and motivate an entire team. This gives the individual concerned honest feedback from which to improve.

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