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Trust remains an essential component of customer engagement

Headset, Telecommunications,Call centres are turning to customer care priorities and social network engagement like never before, aiming to optimise their services and ensure they give consumers every possible chance to buy. However, it’s about building trust as much as it is about informing the customer. This means that telephone answering services have to strategise building trust into their business objectives if they want to achieve long-term success.

The Edelman Trust Barometer found that 80 per cent of respondents chose to buy a specific service or product because they trusted the seller or manufacturer. Conversely, 63 per cent of people actually refused to buy certain things because they distrusted the firm. In addition, word of mouth continues to excel when it comes to selling because 68 per cent of people will recommend a business they trust to family, colleagues, or friends.

Things have been made even more difficult by the fact that trust levels are falling. From the latest research, 16 of 27 countries report seeing business trust levels decline, with the majority of nations noting figures below 50 per cent regarding the trust that people have in the companies they use.

For call centres building their trust levels, it is essential to focus on initial contact as well as continuity of service. This can help build trust with consumers, ultimately helping firms spread their positive branding by word of mouth.

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