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Trinity Mirror Turns to Outsourcing for Savings

Trinity Mirror, which publishes the Daily Mirror and People tabloids, is using outsourcing to save money and increase revenue.

Trinity Mirror wishes to cut costs in order to maintain market share against its competitors. Any industry can make savings with outsourcing, such as telephone answering services. Trinity Mirror will report a cost saving of £25 million for the year so far, based on the outsourcing they have contracted.

Employment savings are one area where a company can save money. For companies that do not want to cut jobs there is the alternative of keeping the business in the UK through call centres based in the United Kingdom. The benefit of outsourcing some jobs is to obtain better technology, which a company may not be able to afford. For instance, a small business may need a call centre but be unable to afford the in-house charges.

Trinity Mirror is just one example of how outsourcing can work for your company. If your company is in a different industry, outsourcing can still work for you. The best method to decide if outsourcing is going to be beneficial for your company is to test it before signing a contract. You and the outsourcing company will then know if the fit is comfortable and workable for what you need. Establish goals for savings and where else you might be able to save, and then compare your information against the savings obtained from outsourcing. From this you can determine what is right for your business and your employees.

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