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Transform social consumer services

Hands touching circle global network connection, Omni Channel or Multi channelThe past decade has seen a huge evolution of the relationship between consumers and brands, thanks largely to social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide the general public with a mouthpiece, and their simplicity and openness can create both challenges and advantages for companies.

Call centres that provide personalised, swift responses can boost engagement. However, any failure to deal with problems can result in complaints going viral, and that has the potential to damage a brand’s reputation as well as its bottom line. Therefore, it is essential for telephone answering services to constantly improve social consumer services.

To ensure that the best services are provided via social media, it is important to utilise an integrated omnichannel approach. This means that instead of running each social platform in a silo apart from the rest of operations, all communications are merged. This allows consumers to move seamlessly from one place to the next, with agents able to get a single customer view to help proceedings.

This integration should go beyond customer services to involve the entire business. By using open APIs, call centres allow customer services to integrate with other services, such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools. This provides a way for agents to cross-reference Facebook posts or Tweets, for example, to gain deeper insights into customers.

In the digital era, it is essential that consumers can contact call centres on their desired channel and do not experience any problems in the consumer journey. Integrating systems with business operations is the key to ensuring that brands prosper.

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